Understanding Autism

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Autism is a condition affecting the normal development process in an individual, primarily categorized with lack of languages and the failure to communicate.

Though the reasons behind the development of the condition are not known–genetic and environment are considered to be the reason behind this disorder. With the condition varying across individuals, it is hence scientifically termed as the Autism Spectrum Disorder.

These disorders are typically lifelong and require intensive treatment because of the significant intellectual, linguistic, social and physical impairments associated with it. However, there are also cases and examples where individuals diagnosed with autism have lived an independent and fulfilling life.

Though the exact number prevalence of it in our country is not known, it is said that their numbers are increasing, attributed to factors such as increased awareness, advanced parental age of conception and others.

This could be the reason that it was recognized as a disability and the government of India entitled the persons diagnosed with autism with several rights and reservations with the amendment of the Persons with Disability Act 2016.

Identifying Autism Symptoms