The Story Behind LRF

LRF is not just any special school, it is a belief, a line of thought which wants to change the way the world thinks of autism as a disability.

Lubdhak means the brightest star in the sky and as the name suggest the underlining vision of the organization is to ensure that we help those living with autism shine brighter.

Like mentioned LRF is one of the kind special school as it works towards empowerment using the principle of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) – the scientific evidence-based intervention, the knowledge of which is minimal in India. The proof of it is there are just 42 Behavior Analysts all over the country catering to lakhs of population.

Since 2018, LRF has hence been working hard to make parents, institutions understand the importance of ABA as an effective intervention. When in US ABA is being used to support and empower individuals with autism, in India even the awareness about it is very limited in cities and absolutely absent in smaller towns.

Taking this vision forward, LRF has spread its wings through its centres in Delhi and Shillong, Meghalaya. From helping in assessing the levels of autism to preparing individualised intervention, LRF understands everyone is different and hence from therapy to support everything is personalised and intense.

In a very short time after its beginning, it has been successful in making a meaningful contribution to the lives of over 10 children with autism and their family. Through intensive therapy, LRF has ensured that the children are imparted with language, communication, social skills training, toilet training programs and daily living skills to bring in qualitative improvement.

To ensure that the people in our country are not deprived of the best intervention, LRF has also been actively conducting awareness programmes, primarily with the aim to also reach the underprivileged.

Founded by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Anit Chhetri, LRF has the right kind of guidance and direction to ensure a change.
Under his aegis, LRF is growing with well-trained individuals and every day is each one in the team is contributing to ensure that those with autism and other behavioral disorder become independent and they feel empowered.

As the founder believes — “Life’s lessons are best learnt, when seen through the eyes of those, who don’t know, what it means to see through a prism”.

Special school for Autism in India Delhi

Anit Chhetri

Founder, Lubdhak Research Foundation
"Life's lesson are best learnt, when seen through the eyes of those who don't know, what it means seeing through a prism."

Gita Chhetri

Co-Founder, Lubdhak Research Foundation
"Driven with the enthusiasm to carve out and nurture the potential of every child, so that they glow brighter every day."