Moving towards Autism intervention through ABA

Published in Meghalaya Times

February 25, 2018

Lubdhak Therapeutic Solutions (LTS) will be opening its doors to those dealing with the problems associated with caring for those affected by autism and figuring out the way forward for those diagnosed with this illness.

LTS will be helping parents know whether their child is on the spectrum and then assist them with the necessary intervention, for a happy living.

LTS works using the principle of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) which strongly advocates that children with autism at the foremost needs to been taught how to communicate. Autism is a neurological disorder responsible for the delay in development and the child being unable to understand the importance of communication.

“ABA is a branch of science which has been in the US since 1970’s. It helps an individual with autism, Asperger’s syndrome, and other developmental disorders. It focusses on teaching behaviors, important in the social and personal realms,” said LTS founder and director, Anit Chhetri.

“When we talk about the intervention at present, it is mostly speech and occupational therapy. The target of these is mostly unidirectional. For instance, speech therapy helps the child with the mechanics of speech and the use of it. Occupational therapy, on the other hand, helps the child with self-help skills. But, this will be of no value if the child is incompetent to understand the language or perform activities without knowing the need for it? ABA will not only impart daily life activities, it will most importantly, teach the child the need to communicate and help him understand the nuances of language,” Chetri says.
He also informed that from providing assessment and therapy as per the child’s need, LTS also provides training to the parents of those children with autism and provides all modern facilities essential for the child to develop and grow.

“When I started I did not have a degree in this field. But once I started to work I realised how much I love doing this. So I enrolled myself in the course, studied really hard, when working and then became a board certified analyst,” said Chhetri who has invited one and all to visit the centre at Lachumiere in the city.


About LRF

LRF was formally established in 2018. However, LRF is not new in this field, since 2017 it has been functioning as Lubdhak Therapeutic Solution. With the aim to reach people from all backgrounds, LTS transitioned to LRF.​

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