Lubdhak Research Foundation is not like any other special school in Delhi supporting children/individual with autism. It truly works on the principle of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and the ABA therapy provided is following the established scientific procedures and intense training.

Upon diagnosis and intense assessment, we develop individualised programme as per the need of the child/individual. The programmes are garnered and tailored in a way to help the child/individual acquire, develop and maintain skills, which are crucial to everyday living. The idea with ABA therapy is to develop individualized intervention programme rather than implement a general program for child with the same level of deficiencies.

The programme will have different modules like developing and teaching speech and language, imparting the playing, classroom and social skills along with toilet training and eating. It is important to note our ABA therapy programs are continuously monitored and adjusted in order to make sure that the child/individual make significant gains across different settings and that these gains are maintained over time.

ABA Therapy in Delhi

The Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention (EIBI)

This program is focused on children below five years of age, as research shows that ABA therapy/ intervention for children with autism works well when provided early. This ABA therapy module is about building rapport with the child, teaching co-operation, communication, cognitive and self-help skills ensuring socio-emotional development. With the use of signs, pictures the therapy is ensures effectiveness.

Intensive Language Programme

This programme will work extensively on teaching language as that is essential before acquiring any other skills. The module will ensure the development of language and establish it as an independent skill, further ensuring that the child is fit to be sent to pre-schools or regular schools.

ABA Therapy in Delhi
ABA Therapy in Shillong

Speech Therapy

With language developed the module will aim at teaching speech as it is crucial for any form of communication. The goal of this programme is to ensure that the child can independently ask for things that he/she requires, instead of indulging in in-appropriate behavior. It will further be followed by responding to queries through words.

Adaptive/Play Skills

The aim goal of this service is to help individuals learn new skills and techniques for peer interaction. From non-verbal behavior cues, conversation rules, making good choices, and learning to build friendship is all developed through art of playing. At the centre with other groups of children arranged together by age and goals, these skills can be best learnt.

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Academic Skills

As the name suggests, this module of the ABA therapy is much more than just making the child ready for school. It is to help them learn as per the academic requirements of the classes and maintain that learning. The programme is also designed to help the child adapt to the classroom and school environment.

Adaptive/ Living Skills

This program is designed to help the child/individual with autism learn basic things like eating well and toilet training. These skills are crucial to individual’s level of functioning, adaptation and independence. This will be the starting point for the children to gradually and systematically acquire an array of basic and more complex skills that will lead them to maximize their independence level.

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Shadow Teaching

ABA therapy programmes make children school ready and help develop social skills. But as school setting is a totally new environment the children sometimes find it difficult to mingle with new people and surroundings. That is where shadow teacher becomes a resource to support the child to cope up in the schools. Occasionally the schools due to lack of expertise on their end ask parents to get a shadow teacher. Our shadow teacher plays a crucial role in hand-holding and assisting the child through the lessons, teachings, behave our and social interactions.